Since our foundation started as a public speaking campaign, Claire has spoken to thousands of people ranging in age from elementary school students to senior citizens. Email info@showcompassionfoundation.org for information about having her speak at your event.

Speaking Points

In addition to personal stories, presentations follow this five step outline:

IT COULD BE YOU - It could be you or a relative who has special needs. Everyone is only one accident away from being differently-abled.

1) SEE - See people as people first.

2) STOP - Stop using derogatory terms to describe others.

3) START - Start having positive interactions with people who are different than yourself.

IT COULD BE YOU - It could be you that leads by example and changes the way people treat people with special needs.

Music with a Message

“Music with a Message” can be added to the presentation at the discretion of the organization. Claire sings a song that shows how one act of kindness can change a person's perspective. Her performance of the song can be found at this link: 


On this day, Claire spoke to roughly 900 people.