Approximately one-fifth of Americans over the age of five have some sort of mental and/or physical disability, and the numbers are rising. Many people struggle with understanding, accepting, and interacting with individuals who happen to have special needs. Attitudes affect actions and that impacts everything from social to employment opportunities for this very capable portion of our society.


The Show Compassion Foundation started as a public speaking endeavor. The founder, teenager Claire Grace, speaks to schools and organizations about the importance of showing compassion. Inspired by her sister, Sarah, who has special needs, Claire started advocating by speaking to groups about her three-step approach to being more inclusive toward people who are differently-abled or people who are different than yourself in general (see these steps in the Public Speaking tab). Claire explains that different isn’t bad, it’s just different and “It Could Be You!” that has special needs one day due an accident or other unexpected event, BUT “It Could Be You!” that leads by example.


Aside from educating people through speaking, Claire saw a lack of funding for programs for people with special needs and was inspired to come up with a way to fund programs through this foundation. Motivated by the constant budget cuts for people with disabilities, Claire launched this foundation and gained 501(c)(3) status in order to address the problem in a different way. The foundation has started receiving donations and we have already funded small grants. 


· to educate people regarding how to be compassionate and inclusive of anyone that is different than ourselves.

· to fund organizations and entrepreneurs providing innovative employment and social opportunities for people with special needs.


Our logo represents the message portion of our mission (see these steps in the 

Public Speaking tab):

  • SEE - the overall shape resembles an eye
  • STOP - the iris portion is an octagon similar to a stop sign
  • START showing compassion - the pupil is a blue heart

Why blue? The color blue symbolizes trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, and truth, which are qualities we aspire for our foundation to exhibit. Also, the blue heart relates to the blue used for Special Olympics and Spread the Word to End the Word, which are both nationally recognized organizations that support people with special needs. 

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